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Meet Jessica

Hello! I am Jessica Hanaghan, founder and operator of Wandering Spoons Travel.

Wandering Spoons travel was founded from a passion for embracing every moment, enjoying time with my daughter and helping others live life to their fullest.

I know first-hand how short life can be.  In September 2006 I had twin boys that were born prematurely and passed away after 2 hours of life.  It was during this time that I truly realized how important it is to be present for every moment. 

In 2016, before we adopted our daughter Charlotte, my husband and I knew that it was our goal for me to be able to be home with her and be her primary caregiver. 

Every time I saw a travel show where they experience new culinary adventures, I felt a deep desire to be involved in creating those memories for people.  I have always had a passion for culinary experiences and travel.  Not a day goes by where I don’t research new places to explore and immerse myself in the culture and food. 

In 2017 Wandering Spoons Travel was born, from a passion for travel and adventure and my desire to work from home with my daughter.  I not only love helping people learn new adventures but also helping people find a career doing something they love! If you are interested in either contact me today!